We Regretfully Announce Cleveland Speedway, LLC is Closing It's Gates Under the Mike & Theresa Simmons Promotion.... Refunds will be available on all purchases including Reserve Season Tickets, Pit Pads, Advertising & Sponsorship. Call (423)421-5425 or (423)310-3698 for Mike or Chad.











We Regretfully Announce Cleveland Speedway, LLC is Closing It's Gates Under the Mike & Theresa Simmons Promotion.... Refunds will be available on all purchases including Reserve Season Tickets, Pit Pads, Advertising & Sponsorship. Call (423)421-5425 or (423)310-3698 for Mike or Chad.

"POP's" Bobby Mayse & Richey Jr. Take Cleveland Victories... 4/16
Cleveland, TN (4/16/16) --- Former "ICE BOWL" Champion "POP's" Bobby Mayse of Harrison, TN took Cleveland Speedway's Checkered Flag Saturday night in the Crate Late Model 25 lap feature. On a night the Road Warriors would steal the show with final race of the evening and over 300 kid's would come grab "Coin N' Candy" presented by A-1 Towing & Service Center it was anything goes. Bobby Richey Jr. won over fellow Chattanoogan Tod Hernandez in the Super Late Model feature, while Justin Winters picked up another win in his Topless Sportsman racer. The Road Warriors put on the best race of the night as Jeff Bates held off heat winner Jason Lewis. In the nose to tail feature, Lewis would spin and finish third as 2015 division Champion James Huffman finished second to Bates. Steven Campbell of Birchwood won Pony/FWD, while Cleveland's Jason Brown won B-Hobby. Cleveland Speedway racefan Heidi Cobb was one of several that went on a "Ride of a Lifetime" with 2015 Track Champion Lamar Scoggins in the "Tindell & Sons Carpet" two-seater Late Model. Next weekend racing resumes with all classes at 7PM. Visit www.ClevelandSpeedwayLLC.com for more information

Crate LM: Bobby Mayes (# 22) of Harrison, TN
2.Ethan Hunrer, 3.Bryan Pritchard, 4.Michael Smith, 5.Ryan Tims

Road Warrior: Jeff Bates (# 5) of Soddy Daisy, TN
2.James Huffman, 3.Jason Lewis, 4.Laura Bates, 5.Jeff Phillips

SLM: Bobby Richey Jr (# 11) of Chattanooga, TN
2.Tod Hernandez, 3.Andy Standridge, 4.Tim Durham

Topless Sportsman: Justin Winters (# J1) of Cleveland, TN
2.Don Van Winkle, 3.John Clark, 4.Joe Griggs, 5.Steve Tate

Pony/FWD: Steven Campbell (# 11) of Birchwood, TN
2.Brad Gladden, 3.Brad Cross, 4.Shaun Tenpenny, 5.Josh Deese

B-Hobby: Jason Brown (# 42) of Cleveland, TN
2.Adam Earwood, 3.Jimmy Smith, 4.Buck Hoffman, 5.Brandon Francis

Coffman's Patience - Cook's Strength Net Spring Fling Victories... 4/9

Cleveland, TN (4/9/16) --- On a cold night, where temperatures kept most racefans at home away from the track, Cleveland Speedway didn't have any trouble heating up some fantastic racing action, presenting the annual "Late Model Spring Fling". Twenty-one Crate Late Models took to the track for the first of two, twin $1,500 to-WIN features. Second fastest overall qualifier and heat # 2 winner Jason Deal of Copperhill, TN jumped into the lead over Fast Qualifier Jerry Coffman at the start and seemed to be in firm control of the 35 lap feature. Coffman, piloting Mike Simmons "A-1 Towing, AAA Service, Chip Vineyard Racing" CVR machine played the patience waiting game and the race came to him when Deal began struggling in the turns with ten to-go. Coffman made the winning pass on Deal who waffled back to fourth on lap 28, strolling easily and unchallenged to the checkers. Andy Pickelsimer of Ooltewah got by Jamie Perry late in the race too earning the runner up nod to Coffman. Behind Deal at the checkers was 2015 Track Champion Ethan Hunter.

In "Spring Fling" race #2 the Super Late Models, "the Tarheel Tiger" Ray Cook of Brasstown, NC showed why and how he knows the way around Cleveland Speedway. Cook in his # 53 "A1 Moving & Storage Co, Pope Construction Co, PRC" Jay Dickens Capital Racecar dominated with strength over Jamie Perry for the entire 35 lapper. Despite being only eight cars Cook, Perry and Booger Brooks put on a stout performance. Jordon Horton and "the Lawman" Mike Tinker rounded out the Top 5 respectfully. In the Topless Sportsman division Jordan Rodabaugh of Soddy Daisy and Justin Winters battled the entire 20 laps. Rodabaugh and Winters would exchange pleasantries after the hard fought side by side close quarters race. Matt Stewart was third behind Winters. Jimmy Smith of Red Bank, TN won the shortened B-Hobby feature. Patrick Henry took his second consecutive Pony/FWD feature race and Jason Lewis won the opposite directed Road Warrior feature. Next race at Cleveland Speedway is April 16th for all classes.


Riley Hickman of Ooltewah, TN and Jamie Perry of Ringgold, GA split the 20th annual ShamRock down the middle of the Twin 40 lap $2,000 to-WIN features. Both racers earning bonus money for winning Boyd's/Cleveland Back to Back pocketed each over $2,000 winning their respective races (Hickman SLM and Perry CRATE). Hickman earned a few hundred more in cash winnings, being a recent UCRA winner at Duck River Raceway Park a week ago. Many racers used the opportunity to race multiple times Saturday night in front of a large crowd of fans. Jason Welshan seemed to be dominant in the CRATE division, but in heat race #2 his right-rear wheel busted sending himself into a violent flip in turn two. Welshan was shaken but able to walk away under his own power. Racing action picks back up at Cleveland Speedway in two weeks on Saturday, April 9th when Super Late Models return to weekly racing action.

1.Riley Hickman, 2.Jamie Perry, 3.John Ownbey, 4.Jesse Lowe, 5.Cruz Skinner, 6.Craig Burrows. 7.Anthony White, 8.Craig Greer, 9.Rick Hixson, 10.Zack Dunsmore

1.Jamie Perry, 2.Riley Hickman, 3.Jerry Coffman, 4Jordon Horton, 5.Ethan Hunter, 6.John Ownbey, 7.Heath Hindman, 8.Bobby Richey Jr. 9.Devin Stewart, 10.David Duplissey, 11.Bobby Mayse, 12.Ryan Tims, 13.Jimmy Elliott, 14.Cruz Skinner, DNS Jason Welshan

Road Warrior: Jason Lewis
Pony/FWD: Patrick Henry
B-Hobby: Adam Earwood
Topless Sportsman: Justin Winters


CLEVELAND, Tenn. (Feb. 17, 2016) --- Promoters Mike & Theresa Simmons announced Wednesday evening that they will once again re-open and promote weekly Saturday night races at the Cleveland (TN) Speedway. More Details Coming Soon





CLEVELAND, Tenn. (Nov. 21, 2015) — Chris Madden of Gray Court, S.C., needed a bare minimum of words to make his feelings clear after winning Saturday night’s 77-lap Southern Nationals Bonus Series-sanctioned Gobbler event at Cleveland Speedway.

“It’s just been really amazing,” the 40-year-old Madden said after his continuing his torrid late-season surge since returning from a three-month summer break from racing. “That’s just about all I can say about it.”

The flag-to-flag Gobbler victory worth $10,000 was the latest in a string of success for Madden, who returned from an extended layoff with a new Longhorn Race Car on Sept. 6 and hasn’t looked back. He’s made 15 starts and rung up six wins, 12 top-five and 14 top-10 finishes in just two-and-a-half months of competition.

“I’ve been very blessed to just have the success that I’ve had coming back,” said Madden, whose first-place earnings during his hot streak total $65,000.

Saturday night’s score might have been one of Madden’s most dominant performances. He roared off his outside-pole starting spot to grab the lead from polesitter Dale McDowell of Chickamauga, Ga., at the initial green flag of the feature and never faltered thereafter, controlling the action from start-to-finish on a track that took rubber and developed one primary groove.

McDowell, 49, chased Madden throughout the distance but was unable to offer a serious challenge. The driver of the Team Dillon Racing Warrior settled for a runner-up finish, duplicating his second-place effort to Madden in the Nov. 14 Southern National Bonus Series event at Boyd’s Speedway, the Ringgold, Ga., track that McDowell co-promotes.

Fourth-starter Randy Weaver of Crossville, Tenn., picked off one spot early in the race and followed McDowell the rest of the way to finish third. World of Outlaws Late Model Series regular Chase Junghans of Manhattan, Kan., placed fourth after starting third while Mike Marlar of Winfield, Tenn., improved two spots to finish fifth.

Madden felt fortunate that he was well positioned at the start of the headliner to take advantage of the conditions.

“They tried hard with the racetrack to give us a racing surface to race on,” said Madden, who recorded his third win in the last four Southern Nationals Bonus Series events run over the past six weeks. “The thing just kind of got one-lane there and we was in the right position on the start to get the position. That’s just the way it fell tonight. “But Dale and those guys, you never count ‘em out even though it’s rubbered up and one-lane. You never count those guys out until the
checkered flag falls.”

McDowell acknowledged that the initial green flag was the key to the race, which was slowed by just a single caution flag on lap 62.

“When we redrew (for starting position among heat winners), we may have needed that outside line,” said McDowell, who raced at a track located about 45 minutes northeast of his Georgia home. “The outside was better
tonight when the bottom left.”

Nevertheless, McDowell’s hopes of staying close enough to Madden to seize on any stumble by the leader were hampered by tire wear.

“Right there at the last we lost tire,” McDowell said. “Me and Randy (Weaver) lost a little bit more tire than Chris did. We just slicked our tire and kind of got in line and rode.”

The 46-year-old Weaver, meanwhile, simply found himself behind two strong rivals with little racetrack left to battle them.

“I think we had as good a car as Chris in the race but the racetrack kind of dictated that (third-place finish),” said Weaver, who closed out a satisfying campaign in which he won 12 times in 28 starts. “This time of year you never know what you’re gonna get (with the track surface), but at least we got to race one more time this year.”

Madden was certainly happy to have another chance to extend his hot streak before settling down for the winter.

“We’re gonna try to look for some more races for next weekend,” Madden said with a sly smile.

Preliminary lineups and results:/
Feature lineup
Row 1: Dale McDowell, Chris Madden
Row 2: Chase Junghans, Randy Weaver
Row 3: Jimmy Owens, Billy Ogle Jr.
Row 4: Mike Marlar, Jason Hiett
Row 5: Aaron Ridley, Riley Hickman
Row 6: Derek Ellis, Billy Moyer Jr.
Row 7: Ray Cook, Todd Morrow
Row 8: Bryan Rowland, Cory Hedgecock
Row 9: Donald McIntosh, Shawn Chastain
Row 10: Mack McCarter, Tommy Bailey
Row 11: David Payne, Skip Arp

Consolation lineup (15 laps; top five transfer)
Row 1: David Payne, Cory Hedgecock
Row 2: Donald McIntosh, Mack McCarter
Row 3: Shawn Chastain, Ross Bailes

Row 4: Austin Horton, David Doherty
Row 5: Tommy Bailey, Caleb Ashby
Row 6: Kurt English, Skylar Marlar
Row 7: Brian Ligon, Jason Welshan
Row 8: Skip Arp

Friday’s heat results (15 laps; top four transfer)

*First heat:* Dale McDowell, Randy Weaver, Mike Marlar, Riley Hickman,
Ray Cook, David Payne, Mack McCarter, Austin Horton, Caleb Ashby, Brian

*Second heat:* Chris Madden, Jimmy Owens, Jason Hiett, Derek Ellis, Todd
Morrow, Cory Hedgecock, Shawn Chastain, David Doherty, Kurt English.
Scratched: Jason Welshan.

*Third heat:* Chase Junghans, Billy Ogle Jr., Aaron Ridley, Billy Moyer
Jr., Bryan Rowland, Donald McIntosh, Ross Bailes, Tommy Bailey, Skylar
Marlar. Scratched: Skip Arp.

Friday’s time trials

1. Dale McDowell (17m), Chickamauga, Ga., 13.893
2. Jimmy Owens (20), Newport, Tenn., 14.028
3. Chase Junghans (18), Manhattan, Kan., 14.050
4. Randy Weaver (116), Crossville, Tenn., 14.113
5. Chris Madden (44), Gray Court, S.C., 14.117
6. Billy Ogle Jr. (201), Knoxville, Tenn., 14.119
7. Ray Cook (53), Brasstown, N.C., 14.121
8. Jason Hiett (1), Oxford, Ala., 14.215
9. Aaron Ridley (81), Chatsworth, Ga., 14.229
10. Mike Marlar (157), Winfield, Tenn., 14.272
11. Derek Ellis (99), Chatsworth, Ga., 14.283
12. Bryan Rowland (20x), Woodward, Ok., 14.310

13. David Payne (8) Murphy, N.C., 14.363
14. Shawn Chastain (x15), Murphy, N.C., 14.369
15. Billy Moyer Jr. (21jr), Batesville, Ark., 14.380
16. Riley Hickman (R1), Ooltewah, Tenn., 14.397
17. Todd Morrow (T1), East Ridge, Tenn., 14.441
18. Donald McIntosh (7), Dawsonville, Ga., 14.456
19. Mack McCarter (51), Gatlinburg, Tenn., 14.467
20. Cory Hedgecock (23), Loudon, Tenn., 14.476
21. Ross Bailes (5), Clover, S.C., 14.576
22. Austin Horton (16), Newnan, Ga., 14.629
23. David Doherty (25), Sydney, Australia, 14.631
24. Skylar Marlar (11) Winfield, Tenn., 14.669
25. Brian Ligon (4), Augusta, Ga., 14.731
26. Kurt English (17), Murphy, N.C., 14.836

27. Tommy Bailey (11), Corbin, Ky., 14.931
28. Caleb Ashby (61), Cunningham, Tenn., 14.938
29. Jason Welshan (29), Maryville, Tenn., no time

30. Skip Arp (1), Georgetown, Tenn., no time


Car count: 30

Fast qualifier: Dale McDowell (13.893) seconds

Heat race winners: Dale McDowell, Chris Madden, Chase Junghans
Consolation race winner Cory Hedgecock
Provisional starters: David Payne, Skip Arp

1. Chris Madden
2. Dale McDowell
3. Randy Weaver
4. Chase Junghans
5. Mike Marlar
6. Jimmy Owens
7. Billy Ogle Jr.
8. Riley Hickman
9. Derek Ellis
10. Jason Hiett
11. Billy Moyer Jr.
12. Bryan Rowland

13. David Payne

14. Tommy Bailey
15. Aaron Ridley

16. Mack McCarter

17. Donald McIntosh
18. Skip Arp
19. Ray Cook
20. Shawn Chastain
21. Cory Hedgecock
22. Todd Morrow


Cleveland, TN (10/24/15) --- Trick or Treat for the kids at Cleveland Speedway as Final 4: Race #2 was in store for the fans on a brisk Saturday night. Two of the track Alpha racers picked up win's in their respective classes. Lamar Scoggins and Jerry Coffman dominated the Late Model and Crate features with flag to flag runs. Scoggins in his # 32 "Campbell Insulation Specialist, East TN Auto Outlet, M&S Motors, Chambers Equipment Sales" sponsored GRT bested the nine car field over Tod Hernandez and outside polesitter Matt Steward. "Peebo" Glen Seaton III was fourth with Danny Turner debuting in the Late Models fifth overall. Coffman in the "A-1 Towing, AAA Service Center, New Salem Alignment" 604 GM Performance mahine dominated a seventeen (17) car Crate field after qualifying and heats. Josh Fields (of Tazewell, TN) who contested with Booger Brooks at the start of the feature chased Coffman but was too little too late. Bobby Mayse got by Brooks on a lap 13 restart to finiah third with David Doss fifth.

In the A-Hobby feature Justin Winters of Cleveland put the # A14 "Goode Motorsports, Mayo Racing Components, Chatt Town Radiator family racecar in A-1 Towing Victory Lane for the first time this season. All eyes were on points leader Brandon Stanfield who was racing from the rear to third when he smacked the wall with two to go in the 20 lapper. Behind Winters was Joe Griggs. Jason Brown was third with Jim and John Clark rounding out the Top 5. In the B-Hobby feature Michael Brooks was again dominant Jimmy Smith rallied past Adam Earwood for second with Sam Jones and Adrian Williams rounding out the Top 5. The Road Warriors took to the track with Jeff Bates parking the # K9 in Victory Lane. James Huffman, Mark Johnston, Seth Barbee and Tyler Dixon rounded out the Top 5. An unknown woman (hopefully) was the winner of the Diva's Powder Puff feature driving the # 27. Cleveland Speedway takes next Saturday night (Halloween) off, but returns to action Saturday, November 7th with the UCRA Crate series and all classes.


The 2015 US Legends / INEX "DiRT NATIONALS" presented by Fitzgerald Glider Kit's at Cleveland Speedway is in the record books. A talented group of driver's from as close as Cleveland, Tennessee, and as far as Australia invaded for what would become a four (4) day weekend event with a intervention from Mothernature herself on Saturday. The event purse of $20,000 rallied fifty-two (52) teams from fourteen (14) states in all as well as four International drivers from "Down Under". The Charlotte Motor Speedway based group stated, "we enjoyed this year's event, and are looking forward to seeing all of our participant again next year!" …as they prepare for their next stop, New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

YL/SP recap:
Hicks and Apfelback earned the front row starting spots after the combination of qualifying results from Friday and the heat races earlier on Sunday. Apfelback would take the early lead as the race went green for 30 laps. The first caution flew on lap 2 for an accident that involved Grasyn Cox and Steve Harshbarger hooked together in turn 3. After some more green flag action, Apfelback still led Hicks and Andrew Jochim when on lap 10 the first major accident occurred in turn 1 that included Christopher Clanton, Nate Chitko and Reagan Zimmerman. Both Clanton and Chitko were out of the race while Zimmerman was able to continue on. The halfway point brought out the caution flag for Cameron Sogge’s B-52 in the turn 1 wall. Apfelback was still in control over Hicks, Jochim, Tyson Goudy and Ryan Mech. The final 15 laps saw an intense battle with Apfelback and Hicks for the overall lead of the race. Hicks was unable to make the pass for the win and it was Cody Apfelback who took the overall and Semi-Pro division win. Jochim was able to clear Hicks to finish 2nd in the race and class, while Hicks crossed the line in 3rd overall and the first Young Lion driver.

Young Lion/Semi-Pro Feature (30 laps): 1. Cody Apfelback (#34) of Horicon, WI, 2. Andrew Jochim (#21) of Wishek, ND, 3. Joshua Hicks (#56) of Senoia, GA, 4. Tyson Goudy (#99) of Benbrook, TX, 5. Greg Davis (#1A) of Canberra, AUST, 6.Tim Franz (#51) of Green Bay, WI 7. Ryan Sullivan (#18s) of Waupun, WI, 8. Hunter Wright (#29) of Lebanon, TN, 9. Reagan Zimmerman (#39) of Pewaukee, WI, 10. Chris Roessler (#3c), of Pineville, MO, 11. Ashley Tackett (#17) of Waverly, OH, 12. Ryan Mech (#29M) of Greeneville, WI, 13. Cameron Sogge (#B-52) of Sheppard AFB, TX, 14. Nate Chitko (#52) of Beaver Dam, WI, 15. Christopher Clanton (#25) of Brooks, GA, 16. Steven Partin (#10p) of W. Union, OH, 17. Steve Harshbarger (#20h) of Rolla, MO, 18. Grasyn Cox (#777) of Joplin, MO

Masters Recap :
Great North Legends competitor and longtime Legends driver Tim Brockhouse along with Shane Williams would lead the field of 17 Masters drivers to the green flag for their 30 lap main event. The first half would see all green flag action as Brockhouse used his experience to take the early lead. Williams settled in second followed by Dave Comer, Mike Mueller and Dean Travis. The only caution of the race flew on lap 15 for a minor spin. Brockhouse was unchallenged for most of the event and took home the title of 2015 Dirt Nationals Masters Champion. Williams, Comer, Mueller and Nelson Stewart rounded out the top 5 finishers.

Master Feature (30 laps): 1. Tim Brockhouse (#13) of Shakopee, MN, 2. Shane Williams (#18) of Minot, ND, 3. Dave Comer (#12) of Joplin, MO, 4. Mike Mueller (#95m) of Waupun, WI, 5. Nelson Stewart (#44s) of Avon, IN, 6. James McDogle (#3) of Quapaw, OK 7. Rick Hartwig (#9h) of Baltimore, MD, 8. Brian Peterson (#0) of Mukwonago, WI9. Brian Hanson (#69) of Jamestown, ND, 10. Warren Ropp (#77) of Kalona, IA, 11. Phil Burkybile, Jr (#9b) of Seneca, MO, 12. Dan Mech (#37) of Greenfield, WI, 13. Michael Cook (#1A) of Canberra, AUST, 14. Keith Meyer (#53) of Davenport, IA, 15. Dean Travis (#5) Murfreesboro, TN, 16. Alan Hiefnar (#13) of Dallas, NC, 17. Kevin Schletz (#14s) of beaver Dam, WI

Pro Recap :
The final championship feature on the day was the 30 lap Pro event with Justin Comer and John Kringas on row 1 for the start.
Carson Ferguson would go around on the first lap, but continued on after he brought out the first caution. The green action was back on as Kringas and Comer were in a race of their own for the lead. The fierce action was slowed after an accident by Josh Fitzgerald in turn 1 at the halfway point. Kringas still lead Comer, Robert Rawlings and Baiden Heskett. As the leaders were after it hard up front, the action was hot and heavy for the back half of the top 10. Lap 26 saw that battle come to a halt after the #11 of Caleb McDugle went over and on his lid in turn 4. McDugle was okay, and after a brief red flag the field was lined back up for a 4 lap shootout. Under the red flag, second place Comer pulled off track with a mechanical issue and this opened the door for Kringas to take home the Pro feature win to close out Dirt Nationals. Rawlings was second followed by Troy Hoff, Brad Giffen and Zack Dunsmore.

Pro Feature (30 laps): 1. Johnny Kringas (#10) of Homer Glen, IL, 2. Robert Rawlings (#1A) of Canberra, AUST, 3. Troy Hoff (#86) of Flasher, ND, 4. Brad Giffen (#81) of Sydney, AUST, 5. Zack Dunsmore (#7) of Cleveland, TN, 6. Bill Diehl (#53) of Wrightsville, PA, 7. Baiden Heskett (#9h) of Fort Worth, TX, 8. Brian Bourke (#26) of Cookeville, TN, 9. Carson Ferguson (#116) of Charlotte, NC, 10. Tommy Fitzgerald (#67) of Cookeville, TN, 11. Kim Clover (#1k) Waupun, WI, 12. Justin Comer (#38) of Joplin, MO, 13. Caleb McDugle (#11) of Quapaw, OK, 14. Josh Fitzgerald (#08) of Cookeville, TN, 15. Doug Wilson (#81w) of Quapaw, OK

MORE Photo's By The Photoman - Ronnie Barnett on Facebook


Cleveland, TN (9/12/15) --- The first of four “Final 4 Races” are in the books and The AXE MAN Kevin Gibson waited til exactly the rite time to chop up the competition for his first win of the season. The Ringgold, GA racing veteran outdrove eleven (11) other teams Saturday night in order to park the black # M45 “Tennessee Roofing Contrators, Benton Oil Service, Stanley Best Heating & Cooling, A-1 Towing, Ste-Don Farms” GRT racecar in Victory Lane. The double points win also catapulted Gibson outta the bottom two of the Chase for the Dirt Cup Track Championship and unofficially up to fourth in the standings. Second place Craig Burrows was the only car not in fear of being lapped by Gibson in the non-stop 25 lap feature as David Gamble made a late season debut to finish third ahead of Alabama’s D.J. Hayes and rookie Zach Dunsmore.

In the Crate feature Booger Brooks of Chattanooga earned the pole, but it was the “Big Red Machine” Brian Pritchard stepping out into the early lead from the “Cat-Birds Seat”. Brooks driving Riley Hickman’s #148 “Hickman Manufacturing, American Billet, A-1 Towing, Rock Springs Tire, Chickamagua Force, Stone Cypher Drywall, Brooks Bros Racing" sponsored 604 battled back to Pritchard and took command, by mere inches at the line, just prior to a caution. On the restart Pritchard’s attempt to regain control were thwarted allowing Andy Pickelsimer and David Tindell past. Finishing behind Pritchard in fourth was Alabama’s Adam Gauldin. The A-Hobby saw the return of Soddy Daisy's Brandon Stanfield. A two week hiatus from action showed no mercy to the rest of the division. Robbie Greene was second with Charlie Shook rallying to finish third.

In the B-Hobby Chattanooga's Michael Brooks kept his pressure leading flag to flag over a debuting Lamar Hughes and polesitter Jason Emahiser. In the Road Warrior finale; Allen Stroupes of Cleveland took the win over Katie Bishop and Patrick Wilson. Cleveland Speedway takes off Saturday September 19th before returning to wrap up the month on the 26t h. Eliminated from the “Final 4 Races” due to being the two lowest in points after Race #1 Saturday is; Bobby Doss and Forest Trent in Crate, Paul Tims and Brandon Williams in Late Model, Chuck Christopher and Charles Devine in A-Hobby, Greg Humphrey and Daniel Johnston in B-Hobby, and Ron McNew and Robert Barnett in Road Warriors. The second of four “Final 4 Races” is scheduled for Saturday October 3rd. Visit the tracks official web-site www.ClevelandSpeedwayLLC.com for further information.

Cleveland, TN (9/5/15) --- A night of new winners captured Cleveland Speedway’s checkered flag in most divisions Saturday Labor Day weekend with many teams taking the non-points event off to get ready for next Saturday’s 1st Final 4: Dirt Cup Points Championship for the 2015 season. The Late Model division saw a classic confrontation between high points racer Jerry Coffman and veteran Lamar Scoggins for the 25 lap feature. Unfortunately for the dou only 21 laps counted. Coffman and Scoggins would become entangled in turn one when both went low under a back-marker car. With Coffman’s left front locked into Scoggins right front wheel-well the two spun out down the back-stretch, giving the lead and eventual win to Chattanooga’s David Duplissey. The owner of Cleveland’s sister track in Chattanooga: Boyd’s Speedway collected his career first win holding off Craig Burrows for the final 4 laps. Duplissey was in his # D2 unmarked “National Boiler Service, Boyd’s Speedway, Dale McDowell Driving School” sponsored Chevrolet third quick behind Coffman and Scoggins among the twelve (12) car field. Behind the top two were Kevin Gill making his 2015 debut, Tod Hernandez and Mike Tinker.

In the Crate Late Mdel division Jason “Big” Deal of Copperhill, TN finally got the top prize after a month of trying. Justin “Smoky” Owens held strong but would settle second behind the Deal Motorsports # 7 “Ensley Trucking, American Racer South” sponsored Capital Race Car. Booger Brooks, Brent Shook and Bobby Mayse would round out the Top 5. In the A-Hobby it was a survival series kinda race as Jim Clark and Jacob Stewart crashed on the final lap as the only remaining cars on the track. Clark dashed back to the checkers for his first win of the season. Michael Brooks defeated Richard Dixon in the B-Hobby feature. The Pony’s returned for the first time since the class was dropped early this Summer for lack of participants. Chuck McMann of Knoxville, TN beat the field of eleven (11) competitors. In the Road Warriors Jason Lewis debuted a new racecar and drove it to A-1 Towing Victory Lane. The first half of the feature was lead by Patrick Wilson whom would finish third after the field was turn around clockwise for the second half of the 20 lapper. In the impromptu Powder Puff $200 Challenge Carrie (Coffman) Lewis beat all the other Diva’s. Next Saturday Sept. 12 th the First of four Final 4: Races is scheduled for All Classes at 7PM. For more information visit www.ClevelandSpeedwayLLC.com

Late Model
1. David Duplissey # D2
2. Craig Burrows # 23
3. Kevin Gill # 1
4. Tod Hernandez # T6
5. Mike Tinker # T22

Crate LM
1. Jason Deal # 7
2. Justin Owens # S23
3. Booger Brooks # 148
4. Brent Shook # 17
5. Bobby Mayse # 22

1. Jim Clark # 46
2. Jacob Stewart # 15
3. John Clark # 10
4. Mitch Brady Jr. # X13
5. Charles Devine # 14

1. Michael Brooks # 48
2. Richard Dixon # 3
3. Jason Emasiher # 49
4. Bret Banks # 3B
5. Tim Totherow # 39

1. Chuck McMann # 99
2. Stephen Campbell # 18
3. Bruce Kimber # 9
4. Shaun Tennpenny # 49T
5. Dylan Cole # 4

Road Warrior
1. Jason Lewis # 26
2. Jeff Bates # 336
3. Patrick Wilson # 72
4. Mike Hale # 27
5. Tanner Dixon # 01

Powder Puff Diva;s
1. Carrie Coffman Lewis # 26

Eddie Cloer Photograpy

Cleveland, TN (8/29/15) --- Heath Hindman of Signal Mtn, Tennessee got a belated (by 5 days) birthday present Saturday night when the 36, year old picked up his career first Late Model victory at Cleveland Speedway. Leading green to checkers Hindman inherited the pole position after Jerry Coffman (feature #1 winner, from 8/22 rainout) and Kevin Gibson failed to start the nights 2nd Late Model feature twice. Hindman didn’t let Lamar Scoggins have the “Cat-Birds Seat” advantage and put his #9 Valley Transport Enterprises, Coulter Racing & Speed Equipment, Transport One, KC Graphics, Don Ledford Auto Park” sponsored machine in A-1 Towing Victory Lane. In the firsr Late Model feature from last weekends rain-out Jerry Coffman in the A-1 Towing, & Service Center, AAA" sponsored racecar picked up the points lead after dominating the 25 lapper. Coffman would be regulated to a fourth place finish after being penalized at the start of feature #2.

In the Crate Late Model class Morristown, TN’s Forrest Trent got the win passing early race leader Jason Deal for his victory. The # 101 “Storm Service 101 Disaster Recovery, Holston River Machine, Van Lester Trucking” sponsored team held off challenges from teammates Brian Pritchard and Ethan Hunter for the win in the rain-out make-up race. In race #2 Jimmy Elliott of Cleveland brought his MoHawk Nation to Victory Lane beating racing legend Ray Cook in the process. Elliott grabbed the lead from the outside pole in his # J39 “Elliotts Tire Center & Auto Sales, CarSmart Auto Sales, Stealth Racing Carburetors, COR Suspension, American Race Tires” CVR racecar and would bring home his season first win. In A-Hobby Ronnie Greene of Georgetown, TN won feature #1, while Josh Beagan won feature #2. Michael Brooks won B-Hobby feature #1, while feature #2 is under protest. In the Road Warriors James Huffman and Johnny Huff were victorious.

Late Model feature #1 (8/22)

1. Jerry Coffman A-1
2. Kevin Gibson A19
3. Lamar Scoggins 32

4. Dewayne Powell P7
5. Jarrett Choate 31

Late Model feature #2 (8/29)
1. Heath Hindman 9
2. Lamar Scoggins 32
3. Kevin Gibson A19
4. Jerry Coffman A-1
5. Craig Burrows 23

Crate LM feature #1 (8/22)

1. Forrest Trent 101

2. Brian Pritchard 3
3. Ethan Hunter 3H

4. Josh Fields 11

5. David Tindell 111

Crate LM feature #2 (8/29)
1. Jimmy Elliott J39
2. Ray Cook 53
3. Danny Turner 38
4. Jacob Grizzle A11
5. Jason Deal 7


Cleveland TN (8/15/15) --- Returning to his home track for the first time in six weeks, “The Hustler” Riley Hickman dominated the Late Model 25 lap feature Saturday night at Cleveland Speedway to the delight of his fans. Hickman of Ooltewah, TN just down the road from the track set fast time before laying waste to the thirteen (13) other competitors in the #R1 “Hickman Manufacturing, American Billet, Austin Trucking, A-1 Towing, Stealth Racing Carburetors, BIF Mtorsports, Chip Vineyard Racing" sponsored Chevrolet 604 / CVR Racecar. Spencer Singleton delighted the kids at Cleveland Speedway after his win in heat #2 over Kevin Gibson with autograph pictures of his #71. Unfortunately for Singleton Gibson and Heath Hindman came for blood in the feature regulating the “North Georgia Wildman” to a fourth place finish. Paul Tims narrowly (by inches) passed rookie “Downtown” Jimmy Brown to finish fifth behind Singleton.

In an odd and huge fielded twenty-two (22) car Crate Late Model turn-out David Doss introduced himself (not only as the new Doss) to A-1 Towing Victory Lane with 2 laps remaining in the feature. Booger Brooks set the stage setting fast time and dominating the first of the feature. With contact in separate incidents with outside pole sitter Jason Deal and then Jerry Coffman, on the starts, Brooks would be eventually the victim while trying to distance himself from Craig Burrows. Brooks made contact with a back-marker car on the front straight-away and got thrown into the concrete wall, thus ending his chances at 3-in-a-row. Burrow inherited the lead and pulled away from Doss, but multiple cautions later and Burrows would blow his powerplant giving the lead to the #28 “Doss Motors, S&S Trucking, Mayo Racing Components, Paul Doss Memorial, Shriners” sponsored Crate GM 604 racecar within the final laps. Doss held back Jimmy Elliott for his first win, coming importantly with now less than two races until the Chase for the Dirt Cup begins in September. Several crashes shortened the 20-lapper, one such involved Josh Walker whom destroyed his # 9 but was luckily uninjured.

In other racing action “same ole, same ole” as Brandon Stanfield is quickly becoming the next sensation in his # 28 “S&H Erectors, Chattanooga Barricade, CRS Close Race Supply, Outlaw Graphics” sponsored Danny Warren’s Backyard Race Engines powered Chevy Camero winning his sixth overall feature of the season. Mitch Brady Jr. threw everything at Stanfield he could but would settle for the runner up position infront of Robbie Greene. In the B-Hobby “Heavy Metal Monster of the Midway” class Jimmy Smith came to race. Making his debut last week the track decided to P&G the Top 3 finishers, which unfortunately would disqualify the performance of the Red Bank, TN racer, thus handing the win to Cleveland’s Richard Dixon. The win yanks Dixon back to the top of the B-Hobby points lead as both he and runner-up Ricky Wagner have three (3) victories apiece. In the Road Warriors the K-9 of Jason Lewis of Soddy Daisy picked up a backwards victory narrowly defeating Jonathan Huff. Cleveland Speedway owners and management have decided to re-write the 2015 Fall Schedule of races and will be racing “every” Saturday night, weather permitting up til the “Gobbler” weekend in November. Visit www.ClevelandSpeedwayLLC.com for more details.


Cleveland, TN (8/08/15) --- Good hard "In Your Face" racing line the nights sky Saturday at Cleveland Speedway as the regular points season continues to wind down. In a points system where every "win" counts, Late Model hometown racing veteran Lamar Scoggins showed he was back and a force to be reckoned with by dominating the 25 lap feature in his #32 "Campbell Insulation Specialist, East TN Auto Outlet, M&S Motors, Chambers Equipment Sales" sponsored GRT. The win all but locks Scoggins into the Top 10 for the Dirt Cup Chase in September and October despite his lifelong best-friend "Lil" John Ownbey's stranglehold on the division as the points leader. Ownbey kept the pressure on Scoggins and a back-marker car made turn four of the last lap interesting. Jerry Coffman finished third after collecting two wins out of the last three races. Coffman was the nights fast qualifier by one / one-thousandths of a second against the 21-car field. The field was distorted when the seasons worst crash happened when Jarrett Choatte and Roger Dickson got together sending Matt Steward up the back stretch wall. Steward was unscaved but was done for the night. Heath Hindman and Paul Tims rounded out the Late Model feature Top 5.

Brandon Stanfield of Soddy Daisy knows "wins" are very important as he collected his 5th of the season worth $400. Stanfield's closest competitor in points Robbie Greene rallied to finish second on a last lap pass of David Goode. Charles Shook and Mitch Brady Jr rounded out the Top 5. In the B-Hobby and Crate the Brooks' (from Chattanooga) did it again winning on the same night, just like they did last weekend. Jimmy Smith debuted his new B-Hobby car in second with Ricky Wagner returning to finish third. Richard Dixon and Jason Emasher rounded out the Top 5. Behind Booger in the Crate feature was Craig Burrows, Drew Deaver, A.J. Carlissi and David Doss. The Road Warriors was won by Jeff Bates.of Cleveland. Cleveland Speedway and the Tindall and Sons Carpet 2-Seater Late Model gave fans a Ride of a Lifetime during the nights action. A new Fall schedule of Saturday night racing at Cleveland Speedway is being released this week as racing continues for all classes next Saturday 8/15 at 8PM EST. The tracks official web-site is www.ClevelandSpeedwayLLC.com and that location is where the updated information can be obtained.


Cleveland, TN (8/1/2015) --- Saturday night at Cleveland Speedway was "Kids Bike Nite" and after giving away over $500 worth of various age/gender bicycles (courtesy of Doss Motors & Walmart Super Centers) the evenings features got rolling to a Brooks Bros Racing squared up weekend. Booger and Michael Brooks both of Chattanooga found their respective way to A-1 Towing Victory Lane. Booger in his #148 "Riley Hickman Racing, Hickman Manufacturing, American Billet Brooks Bros Racing" sponsored 604 Crate Late Model held off a strong challenge from Bobby Doss in a battle of old skewl vs. new school in the 20 lap Crate feature. David Doss followed in third with Jordan Rodabaugh and Chris Whitted rounding out the Top 5. While Michael picked up the 20-lap B-Hobby feature over points leader Richard Dixon, Adam Earwood, Jason Emaisher and Grag Humphrey.

In the Late Model 25-lap "A" Main it was all Jerry Coffman of Soddy Daisy putting the "A-1 Towing, AAA Service Center, New Salem Alignment" back in Victory Lane for his second win of the season. Coffman went green to checkers non-stop over fast qualifier Kevin Gibson, who's still winless in 2015 with four races remaining until the Chase for the Dirt Cup Track Championship begins for all classes in September. Roger Dickson was third with Paul Tims and Jarrett Choatte rounding out the Top 5. In the A-Hobby division it was second generation racer Brandon Stanfield of Soddy Daisy picking up his season high 4th win of the season. It was his second consecutive victory division rival Robbie Greene who finished second. In the Road Warrior division Jeff Bates of Cleveland won $1,300. Bates sold his winning car in Victory Lane boosting his winnings $1,200. in the finale feature of the evening. Rides of a Lifetime were given in David Tindell's Tindell & Son's Carpet of Rossville / Cleveland Speedway Racing School 2-Seater Late Model and plans are for it to return next weekend for more fun for the fans.

#HornsUp Aaron Ridley of Chatsworth, GA Tops Late Models...

Cleveland, TN (7/25/15) --- Picking up his first win in his new Longhorn chassis, Chatsworth, Georgiaracer Aaron Ridley (cousin to Georgia Racing Hall of Famer / NASCAR winner Jody Ridley) led start to finish the 25-lap Late Model feature over Georgetown's Skip Arp & Ringgold's Kevin Gibson. The win for Ridley's #81 "Tru Temp Heating & Cooling, Eagle Racing Engines" powered racecar came with the assistance and guidance of fellow #HornsUp chassis mate "Lil" John Ownbey who's been on vacation for two weeks after dominating many races and tracks in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and Carolina early this season. Cleveland's Lamar Scoggins finished fourth with newly wed Spencer Singleton of Dalton, rounding out the Top 5.

In the Crate Late Model feature Jordan Horton of Tazewell, TN put the "Goddard Performance / Warrior House Car" in A-1 Towing Victory Lane for the first time this season. Besting a large 25-car field of Crate LM's Horton held off Crossville's Chris Wilson and Chattanooga's Booger Brooks for the victory. Points leader Ethan Hunter finished fourth with hometown racer Jimmy Elliott rounding out the Top 5. Jason Lewis of Soddy Daisy extended his points lead Saturday winning again in the K-9 Road Warrior car. Neighbor Brandon Standfield won the A-Hobby feature while Chattanoogan Michael Brooks won B-Hobby. Next Saturday night August 01, sees the points battles tighten leading into September and October's "Chase for the Cleveland Speedway Dirt-Cup Track Championships", with a Full Racing Program in All Classes. .

Greene Wins A-Hobby MSC... Pritchard Takes Crate...

Chattanooga, TN (7/18/15) --- On a somber night where racefans and competitors came together to honor the fallen soldiers from Thursday's tragedy in Chattanooga, Robbie Greene of Georgetown, Tennessee picked up exactly where he left of a week ago, parking his # 00 " #00 "Air Pro Heating & Cooling, Mitch's Sports Bar, PMI Performance Masters Inc,, Afordible Bodies, Stealth Racing Carburetors, Gene's Racing Parts, KC Racing Graphics" sponsored in A-1 Towing Victory Lane for the second consecutive time. This time the victory came after Greene locked in the Pole Position for the feature against thirteen other entries in qualifying. Greene held off lap after lap challenges from Charles Devine, while points leader Brandon Stanfield held firm in third. Ricky Wagner made his A-Hobby debut finishing in fourth with Chuck Christopher rounding out the Top 5.

Brian Pritchard and his "Big Red Machine" collected their first win of the season at Cleveland Speedway Saturday night. Pritchard did it from the "Cat-Birds Seat" beating his teammate in an almost identical # 3 "Spangler Sheet Metal, Ron's Car Wash, Steven Hogan Fabrication, Pritchard Homes, T1MCo Graphics, Stealth Racing Carburators" sponsored Mastersbilt racecar. Jamie Perry hounded Hunter but would settle for third ahead of Andy Pickelsimer and fast qualifier Chris Wilson. In the Late Model feature Jerry Coffman was in his own zip code after the 25 lap "Slobber-knocker". Lamar Scoggins would race back to third overall behind Paul Tims after starting ninth. Rookie "Downtown" Jimmy Brown of Chattanooga continues to impress finishing fourth with Robby Mason fifth. David Vickers won the B-Hobby and the finale of the night went to Mike Hale in the Road Warrior class.

Amendment to Steelhead Rules (6/27/2015): See Rules Page for Details

Todd Morrow & Skip Arp Put On Late Model Clinic

(7/11/15) In what could go down as a Race of the Year candidate at Cleveland Speedway Saturday night, Todd Morrow over powered pole sitter Skip Arp from the "Cat-Birds Seat" to score the 25-lap Late Model feature. Arp and third place Lamar Scoggins (making his 2015 debut) stayed tight on Morrow's # T1 "A+ Collision Center, COR Suspension, Allen's Pools LLC, A-1 Towing, A&K Transport, Andy Dill Trucking, KC Graphics, Stealth Racing Carburators, Coulters Race Cars & Parts" sponsored Chevrolet Late Model but could do nothing but count the laps down in a non-stop green to checkered run. Even when the former two-time Cleveland Speedway Track Champion finally encountered back-marker traffic on lap 16, Morrow eased passed with worry. Despite only 10 cars signing in for the feature, the race was very close knit with the kind of "in your face" action Cleveland Speedway fans have come to expect weekly on Saturday nights.

In the Crate Late Model class Ethan Hunter of Tiger, GA won his second feature and takes the division points lead besting 14-other entries. The # 3H "Spangler Sheet Metal, Ron's Car Wash, Steven Hogan Fabrication, Pritchard Homes, T1MCo Graphics, Stealth Racing Carburators" sponsored Mastersbilt 604 GM racer beat Crossville, TN's Chris Wilson and Ooltewah's Andy Pickelsimer. Robbie Greene of Georgetown, TN scored his second win of the season over points contender Brandon Stanfield. Hometown racer Richard Dixon dominated again the B-Hobby division while Jason Lewis raced the K-9 Road Warrior the opposite direction for "Wrong-Way" Victory. Next weekend Cleveland Speedway hosts the A-Hobby Mid Season Championship paying $500 to-WIN with a $50 entry.


Cleveland, TN (6/20/15) --- The "Ringgold Kid" Jamie Perry dominated from start to finish Saturday nights Cleveland Speedway Crate Late Model Mid Season Championship, picking up the $1,500 payday leaving last weekends winner Ethan Hunter to outduel Jerry Coffman for the 2nd place $1,000 prize. Perry whom started his #P4 Powell Motorsports "Cotton's Service Center, NiB One, Mark Heatherly Construction, Performance Customs, Stealth Racing Carburator, Gene's Racing Parts, Outlaw Graphics" sponsored CVR / 604 Crate from the "Cat-Birds Seat" after Ethan Hunter qualified on the pole against 15 other Crate Late Models. Perry pulled away instantly and never was pressured for the entire 30 lap Double Points feature. In the separate $1,000 to-Win 25-lap Late Model Steelhead feature Riley Hickman ruled the dirt. Setting the $100 "Sam's Discount Restaurant Equipment" Fast Time in qualifying over 9 other competitors. Like Perry in the Crate feature Hickman ran off from Todd Morrow and Lil' John Ownbey whom put on quiet a heated battle in the feature. In other action the A-Hobby feature was won by Brandon Stanfield of Soddy Daisy. The B-Hobby feature was won by Richard Dixon and the Road Warriors came down the the last two laps when hometown race Mike Hale got the win. The Pony saw their final feature of the season, due to lagging car counts. Danny Burnette of Chattanooga won after starting last. Next Saturday night FireWorks are on-tap along with an 8PM new starting time.

Hunter Wins Crate - Wagner B-Hobby Championship

Cleveland, TN (6/13/2015) --- For the second time this season and fifthtime overall recently Lil' John Ownbey of Cleveland, Tennessee has come up big in the "W" column. With Cleveland Speedway moving permanently to Saturday night weekly racing action, Ownbey and his JRC Motorsports # 44 "Auto Depot, Sam's Restaurant Equipment, M&S Motors, Stealth Racing Carburetors, Outlaw Racing Southern" sponsored Chevrolet Impalla SS / Longhorn chassis made a mid-week motor change back to their Steel-head powerplant and didn't miss a beat. Starting from the pole after out qualifying his sponsor Sam Durham's $100 Fast Time Bonus against twenty-two (22) other Late Model teams, Ownbey held back a stout challenge from Justin Litchford (and the LitchMob followers) from Tullahoma and also Kevin "The Axe" Gibson of Ringgold to win the 30 lap $1,500 feature race. Behind Ownbey and Gibson (whom collected the hefty $1,000 2nd place money) was Jeff Coffman of Soddy Daisy, Litchford and Johnny Cloer Jr. of Chatsworth.

In the Crate Late Model feature Ethan Hunter of Tiger, Georgia put the Big Red Machine in A-1 Towing Victory Lane for the first time this season as the # 3H "Spangler Sheet Metal, Ron's Car Wash, Steven Hogan Fabrication, Pritchard Homes, T1MCo Graphics, Stealth Racing Carburators" sponsored Mastersbilt 604 GM powered team held of two-time former Cleveland Speedway Track Champion Jamie Perry. The lead duo separated from the rest of the pack and battled nose to spoiler for 25 laps. In the B-Hobby Mid Season Championship Ricky Wagner in the #22 took his "Home Pros Painting, Wilson Auto Sales, Stone Cypher Drywall, Shane Hood Trucking" sponsored machine to victory lane fpr the $300 payday. The A-Hobby's stepped up big-time and saw sixteen (16) cars take the green flag. With three lead changes Ocoee's Jason Brown in the # 42 "White Water Grill, Affordable Garages & Sheds" sponsored not only picked up his first A-hobby feature win, but won a free pit pass for next weekend for assisting with track prep when called out after the drivers meeting Saturday evening. In the Pony Coty Campbell of Birchwood was the winner and in the Road Warrior division debut Soddy Daisy's Patrick Harvey was the winner. Next Saturday night June 20th the Crate LM's Mid-Season Championship will be contested. For more details visit www.ClevelandSpeedwayLLC.com or like them on Facebook.


Cleveland, TN (5/29/2015) --- For the second time this month Riley Hickman ofOoltewah, TN visited Cleveland Speedway’s “A-1 Towing Victory Lane”, only this time it was for the “King of Crate” title with the United Crate Racing Alliance series. At race-time forty-seven (47) tea
ms, representing 6-states, had signed in all vying for a spot in the 24-car starting field to battle in the 40 lap, $2,500 to-WIN feature. “The Hustler” known in close knit racing circles, piloting the # 1V "Hickman Manufacturing, Allied Glass Co, EnCompass Solutions, Chattanooga Valley Auto Parts, Chip Vineyard Racing" sponsored Chevrolet 604 / CVR Racecars made the winning move 27-laps into the feature swapping the number one position several laps with Fast Qualifier Rusty Ballinger. The race was slowed by five cautions total. While going for the lead Jason Welshan slammed into a stalled Bryan Pritchard, causing heavy damage to the former Cleveland Speedway Track Champion which would be a game changer. A jaw grinding crash happened late in the feature when last weeks winner in Alabama, Tom Maddox tangled with Chad Winkles. Jimmy Elliott couldn’t get stopped fast enough and slammed into the pair under the flagstand with five laps remaining. Current UCRA series points leader Jake Teague rallied past Ballinger late in the race to finish in the runner-up spot to Hickman with Jay Brinkley finishing third overall.Ballinger slipped further when Anthony White got by for fourth. The Cleveland Speedway takes a week off next weekend (for Riverbend) before returning to weekly Saturday night racing action, June 13th with the B-Hobby Mid Season Championship.

Official Results: 5/29

UCRA: Round # 4 "King of Crate"
1. Riley Hickman ?#?1V? of Ooltewah, TN
2. Jake Teague # 117 of Petros, TN
3. Jay Brinkley # 10 of Shelbyville, TN
4. Anthony White # 2x of Clinton, TN
5. Rusty Ballenger # 29 of Seymour, TN
6. Todd Morrow # 8A of East Ridge, TN
7. Andy Picklesimer # 1 of Ooltewah, TN
8. Kasey Hall # 42 of Rainesville, AL
9. Cory Hedgecock # 23 of Lenior City, TN
10. Jason Deal # 7 of Copperhill, TN
11. Forrest Trent # 101 of Morristown, TN
12. Jason Welshan # 29 of Maryville, TN
13. Michael Smith # 15 of Crossville, TN
14. Jordon Horton # 1G of Knoxville, TN
15. Tom Maddox # 43 of Centre, AL
16. Chad Winkles # 12 of Toccoa, GA
17. Jimmy Elliott # J39 of Cleveland, TN
18. Bryan Pritchard # 3 of Harrison, TN
19. John Ownbey # 44 of Cleveland, TN
20. Jason Trammell # 90 of Tazewell, TN
21. Jamie Perry # P4 of Ringgold, GA
22. Kyle May # 55 of Pisgah, AL
23. Brad Coffey # 88 of Friendsville, TN
24. Josh Walker # 9 of Ringgold, GA
25. Griffin Kinsey #94 of Chatsworth, GA
26. Shan Smith # 4s of Rome, GA

Williams & Works Collect W's Saturday Night.... 5/23

Ownbey Wangles Up 1st Longhorn Victory... 5/8
Cleveland, TN (5/8/15) --- The Points Opener for the 2015 Championship Season kicked off Friday night at Cleveland Speedway and for the second consecutive week the Late Model feature went caution free. The night SteelHead Thunder 25 Lap $1,200 to-WIN feature saw fourteen (14) cars take the green flag with former Track Champion Lil’ John Ownbey of Cleveland, running to the checkers. Former Southern All-Star and two time Cleveland Speedway Track Champion Jamie Perry of Ringgold chased Ownbey but it was all in vain as Ownbey’s new JRC Motorsports # 44 “Auto Depot, Sam’s Restaurant Equipment, Stealth Racing Carburetors, Outlaw Racing Southern” sponsored Chevrolet Impalla SS / Longhorn chassis stretched a comfortable lead. Former NASCAR champion’s the Labonte brothers; (Terry and Bobby) founded the Longhorn chassis in 2010 and Ownbey’s team attributed the win to assistance by Randy Weaver whom just a week ago took the checkers at Cleveland Speedway in the $4,000 to-WIN “Spring Fling” race. Finishing behind Ownbey and Perry was Chattanooga’s Tod Hernandez, Lenior City’s Ruben Mayfield and hometown racing veteran Paul Tims. Ownbey set fast time earning $100 bonus courtesy of his friend and sponsor Mark Truelove at M&S Motors as shown on John's driving-suit in victory lane. In other racing action Robbie Greene of Georgetown won A-Hobby, Old Fort’s Adam Earwood won B-Hobby and Chattanooga’s E.J. Bailey won the Pony/FWD feature.

Hickman Disguised Crate Victory for CVR... 5/8

Cleveland, TN (5/8/15) --- The first points race of 2015 kicked off Friday night at Cleveland Speedway for all classes and the Crate Late Model didn't disappoint. Fifteen (15) cars take the green flag with Jerry Coffman and Riley Hickman showing the way. The reigning and defending Southern All-Star champion piloting Chip Vineyard's CVR house-car orange and white # 1V "Hickman Manufacturing, Allied Glass Co, EnCompass Solutions, Chattanooga Valley Auto Parts" sponsored Chevrolet of Hickman was in disguise as Coffman to
ok the early lead from the Cat-Bird's Seat on the outside front row. By lap 5 Hickman was in his zone (at Cleveland) and made quick work of Coffman, giving former Cleveland Speedway Track Champion Jason Welshan the "Bat Signal" that it was time for him to start moving back in third. By lap 8 Welshan had removed Coffman from second and set a trace on Hickman. Several times Welshan showed Hickman the nose of his racecar but Hickman was stout coming outta the corners. The final lap, Welshan seemed to have the stronger line as Hickman got momentarily bogged down by a back-marker car in turn one. Hickman didn't wane and picked up the victory with Welshan glued to his spoiler. Coffman held off last weekend winner Booger Brooks for third with Bobby Mayse rounding out the Top 5 finishers. Next week racing resumes at Cleveland Speedway with a Full Racing Program in All Classes. Fans and competitors can follow Cleveland Speedway on the web-site www.ClevelandSpeedwayLLC.com and on Facebook.

Weaver Wins 7th Straight..... Cleveland's Spring Fling

Cleveland, TN (5/1/15) --- Randy "The Dream" Weaver of Crossville, Tennessee scored his seventh consecutive Super Late Model race victory Friday night as Ray Cook's Old Man's Garage Spring National series invaded the Cleveland Speedway for the "Spring Fling 40". In victory lane the Weaver dedicated the season to the memory of his father whom he lost to pancreatic cancer in 2014. "It's already been a big season, I just wish he was here to see it." stated the #116 "Stone Land Cleaning & Excavating, Mission Transport, A.F. Stone Professional Medical Services, The Bailey Co., Outlaw Racing SouthEast" sponsored Longhorn / Cornett Ford powered racecar driver. Weaver took the lead from polesitter and proverbial teammate Derrick Ellis of Chatsworth, GA on lap 11 of the "Non-Stop" 40-lap dirt track battle royale, when Ellis committed low on a back-marker racecar entering turn one. Weaver sensing the opportunity took the high-line through one & two to hit the back-stretch as the new leader and eventual $4,000 victor. From there a high speed game of hide n' seek entertained the racefans with Dale McDowell battling Mike Marlar, Chris Madden and "Big" Mack McCarter. McDowell would chase Ellis in the end only to finish third with McCarter and Madden rounding out the Top 5. The nights Crate Late Model feature was won by Booger Brooks of Chattanooga. The A-Hobby feature was won by Jimmy Smith of Red Bank. The B-Hobby feature was won by Ricky Wagner of Chattanooga and the Pony feature was won by Jackie Bailey of Chattanooga.

1. Randy Weaver #116 Crossville, TN
2. Derek Ellis #99 Chatsworth, GA
3. Dale McDowell #17M Chickamagua, GA
4. Mack McCarter #51Sevierville, TN
5. Chris Madden #6 Gaffney SC
6. Mike Marlar #157 Winfield, TN
7. Donald McIntosh #7 Dawsonville, GA
8. Stacy Boles #11 Knoxville, TN
9. Ivedent Lloyd Jr. #21 Ocala, FL
10. Austin Smith #11 Cedartown, GA
11. Skip Arp #31 Georgetown, TN
12. Billy Ogle Jr. #201 Knoxville, TN
13. John Ownbey # 44 Cleveland, TN
14. Mark Dotson #85 Cameron, MO
15. David Payne #8 Murphy, NC
16. Kenny Collins #1 Colbert, GA
17. Tyler Millwood # X Cartersville, GA
18. Jason Croft #9 Woodstock, GA
19. Ellery Leake #34 Strawberry Plains, TN
20. Shawn Chastain #X15 Murphy, NC
21. Jerry Coffman #A-1 Soddy Daisy, TN
22. Andy Picklesimer #1P Ooltewah, TN
23. Kurt English #17 Murphy, NC
24. Matthew Summers #1 Seymour, TN

Crate LM: Winner - Booger Brooks (# 148) of Chattanooga, TN
2.Tanner Works, 3.Ethan Hunter, 4.Brett Wyatt, 5.Andrew Littleton, 6.Jerry Coffman, 7.Bobby Richey, 8.David Doss, 9.Will Roland, 10.Jason Deal, 11.Kate Dallenbach, 12.Robert Edwards, 13.Warran McMahon, 14.Chris Whitted, 15.David Duplissey, 16.Bobby Doss, 17.Mark Ramsey, 18.Danny Turner, 19.Bobby Mayse, 20.Craig Burrows, 21.Josh Walker, 22.Mike Levi, 23.Joe Crabtree

A-Hobby: Winner - Jimmy Smith (# XXX) of Red Bank, TN
2.Brandon Stanfield, 3.Booger Brooks, 4.Beau Bice, 5.Robbie Greene, 6.Chuck Cooper, 7.Chuck Christopher, 8.Jason Brown, 9.Jerry Beavers, 10.Joe Griggs, 11.John Kwaski

B-Hobby: Winner - Ricky Wagner (# 22) of Chattanooga, TN
2.Richard Dixon, 3.Adam Earwood, 4.Bret Banks, 5.Jason Emahier, 6.Tommy Gilbert, 7.David Vickers, 8.Charles Williams, 9.Larry Whaley

Pony: Winner - Jackie Bailey (# 52) of Chattanooga, TN
2.Nathan Hair, 3.Sammy Dickson, 4.Patrick Henry, 5.Chris Rogers, 6.Shawn Tenpenney, 7.Chaz Lawson, 8.Matt Hobbs, 9.Tyler Dixon, 10.Roy Dixon

Season Opener Twin 25 Victories Welshan & Hickman

March, 27, 2015 - Despite cooler temperatures Cleveland Speedway opened up the 2015 season Friday night, March 27th with a Double Trouble Set of Late Model Twin 25 lap feature races. In the Crate Late Model feature former Track Champion Jason Welshan of Maryville, TN took the win. The second 25 lapper, the Steel-head Late Model feature was won by reigning and defending Southern All Star champion Riley Hickman of Ooltewah, TN. The A-Hobby feature Friday went to second generation racer Brandon Stanfield of Soddy Daisy, Cleveland's Richard Dixon took the B-Hobby and Michael Courtney was victorious in the Pony class. Cleveland Speedway will not see action this Friday (April 3rd) in celebration of our lord Jesus Christ and the Good Friday holiday





Anyone having a pad last year and wants to renew the rental. You have
until March 27th (our 1st race) at the end of the night to pay for your pad
for the 2015 Racing Season for $150.00. If you do not, it could/will be
rented by someone else for the season.


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